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Welcome Friends!


My name is Flip, and yes, I am a hedgehog.

I go on lots of amazing adventures

My adventures have a purpose: 

To inspire and motivate children to develop

important life skills. 

Check out my adventure blog and

children's books!

Flip's Adventure Blog


Why do I like to share my adventures?

I believe that it's important for children to develop a range of life skills and values, which is why I went on two exciting adventures that showcase the importance of emotional awareness and ethical principles.

In 'What a Feeling! The ABCs for Emotions,' I embarked on a journey that explores a wide range of feelings and emotions. Through relatable examples, I help children understand how different emotions feel and how they can be expressed. This book provides a valuable tool to help children recognize their own emotions, and empathize with others. It's a powerful learning experience that helps develop emotional intelligence, which is crucial for building positive relationships.


In 'Flip and the Everyday Dilemmas,' I continued my journey, exploring 24 key ethical principles. I helped my animal friends navigate tough decisions that tested their integrity and character. Through their experiences, children can learn about the importance of making good choices and taking responsibility for their actions. The book provides an engaging and interactive way for children to learn about ethics and moral values, and how they apply to everyday situations.


By sharing my adventures with readers, I hope to inspire and motivate children to develop important life skills that can help them become better people. It's a wonderful feeling to connect with young readers and help them learn and grow. I believe that through these adventures, children can develop emotional intelligence and a strong moral compass, which will serve them well throughout their lives.

Hear all the latest updates on my upcoming adventures!

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